Dream Big Cockpit

There is nothing in the world that can match the experience of piloting a fighter jet. So few people receive the opportunity to fly these magnificent machines; most of us can only dream of the experience. Consider what it would mean to merely sit in the cockpit of a fighter. Then imagine getting into a flight suit, putting on a helmet, adjusting your oxygen mask, getting strapped into an ejection seat and holding the controls. Smell the fuel and oil that past pilots have smelled as they prepared for a mission. Place yourself in their time and space. No conventional aviation museum exists today where you can touch, let alone sit in, the cockpit of a fighter jet and experience this unique aviator feeling. Creating a memory lasting a lifetime.  DreamBIG is about to change this.

DreamBIG provides an Authetntic and Fully restored A-7D Corsair II Attack fighter Cockpit permanently attached to a trailer, for the purpose of interactive Aviation Museum Tour and Photo Memory opportunity. Each visitor has the option to be dressed in FULL Flight Suit or Flight Jacket with Flight Helmet and gear as a REAL Fighter Pilot. . The charge to visitors for 1 museum tour with (1) 4x6 Photo enclosed in a personal memory folder for $10. Additional poses and prints available at some additional cost.