Precision Exotics

The Precision Autocross is a specially designed, coned track that's normally setup on the airshow grounds. It's a great way to experience every aspect of an exotic car's blistering speed, braking ability and handling prowess. After you've completed registration you'll meet your driving instructor, get a comprehensive overview of the exotic you've chosen and then take to the track for 3 laps of intense enjoyment!

Choose to drive either a Ferrari F430 or a Lambourghini Gallardo Spyder.  Both are automatic and/or paddle shift. 

  • Price is $99.50 plus tax; Be sure to enter discount code "Freedom" during checkout to receive a 50% discount from the original $199!
  • Cash or cards accepted
  • Must be 21 or older to drive
  • Anyone can ride but minors need parental consent
  • Bring proof of insurance to drive the day of. Drivers must have full coverage personal auto insurance. Process takes about 30 minutes.