Learn More About the Air National Guard

Ever consider joining the Air National Guard? What about learning more about how the men and women of the air national guard impact your life and city?

The Air National Guard is a reserve component of the United States Air Force.  Today’s Air National Guard is an expertly trained force of more than 100,000 men and women.  Traditional guard members serve one weekend a month and 15 days a year, but our mission is far from “part-time”.   The ANG represents a vital part of America’s total force, and all members have a dual mission.  The first is our federal mission where we help ensure the security of America’s skies - a job we share equally with the Air Force.  Second, is our state mission, and it is this mission that differentiates us from the other reserve forces.  We function under direct leadership of the Governor of each state.  Our state mission could be bringing food, clothing and medical supplies to areas affected by floods, tornadoes or blizzards, or performing search and rescue missions on downed aircraft.  Guard members also have a big role in the community by supporting local events and helping out when and where it is needed.   

There are two units in the state of Nebraska.  The 155th Air Refueling Wing utilizes the KC-135R aircraft, and is located in Lincoln.  Its mission is to refuel other aircraft in the sky on a global scale.  The 170th Group is located on Offutt Air Force Base, and its purpose is to provide support to the 55th Wing, training their pilots and airman to be mission ready.  Currently, we have approximately 950 members assigned to the Nebraska Air National Guard, whom the majority of work as traditional guardsmen. Our membership consists of citizens in our very own communities:  farmers, business executives, teachers, doctors, college and high school students.  Many come for the educational benefits, some come looking for training in a skill, and others are simply exercising their patriotism.  Whatever the reason, the Air National Guard can be fun and exciting.